Ways for Actors to Make Side Money

Some easy and legitimate ways to earn some extra side money. Courtesy of our friends at SideMoney.io 

Take Surveys – There are multiple “take from home” survey companies. One that we’ve used before is Vindale. They have everything  from quick one-minute survey to hour long surveys, and they pay based upon estimated completion time. You may not qualify for all, but it’s definitely a good way to spend downtime in the greenroom on-set or from home, to make some extra money.
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Earn Gift Cards – Another service that offers good incentives and compensation for taking surveys, watching videos, searching the web and even playing online games is Swagbucks.
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From Home Medical Studies – As seen on SharkTank, DNA Simple wants to find people to do from home medical studies. If a scientist wants to study someone like you, DNAsimple will ask you to provide some saliva in a special container, and you  get $50. It’s anonymous, so the scientists have no access to your name or any other info pointing to you. They just know about your health. $50 just to give some saliva from home? Why not see if you match up?
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Promote Acting Related Classes – With the ReelGuru Academy you can make 20% of the revenue from classes people you refer sign up for.
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Take Photos of Local help Wanted Signs – Yes, seriously! Job Spotter, by Indeed, pays you to take pictures of “Help Wanted” signs in your area, upload them with the where and details, and get paid!
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