Voice-Over Casting Calls

Casting Calls America is excited to announce that we just released our new national voice-over audition service. 
This new voice/audio audition service allows casting directors/producers looking for voice talent to post their voice-over casting call and receive playable audio audition submissions directly through our software network. And combined with our recent national multi-site posting feature, now they can post to and receive submissions from any site in our network, all from one account.

How does it work for Casting Directors/Producers?
To post a voice-over casting call simply create a new project and add a role then within the role details mark the “Yes” box next to the “Would you like to accept audio auditions?” question. From there you will asked to either type, paste or upload the sides of the audition directions. That’s it!

When talent submit they’ll receive the audio audition directions, record their audition, then upload the file. Once uploaded and submitted, their profile will appear in your dashboard along with the option to play or download their audition. You can also export and share the submission, including the audio audition links with colleagues, all from one PDF.

How does it work for actors?
All actors who are already registered with any of our sites have automatically been added to also receive voice-over casting calls. No additional action is needed to receive the notices.
To submit an audio audition to a role, they’ll need to first submit, then they’ll be sent the audio audition directions automatically. The they can record their audition using any MP3 recording platform (most smartphones have free apps for this) and simply upload the file then submit.

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