NEW MEDIA CASTING with Hayhoe Casting

Coming soon to the Los Angeles market (specifically Long Beach) is Hayhoe Casting.

Hayhoe Casting is the internal casting network for the new media creators working with Hayhoe Studios.

Hayhoe Studios is a full-service new media production, distribution and management company partnered with and located inside Thunder Studios, a facility comprising of 20 sound stages, a backlot, and ample parking which exceeds 210,000 square feet; which is 4 times the size of YouTube Space LA.

Because of the social media and traditional media marketing network, the new media creation and distribution experience, as well as the facility and equipment support of Thunder Studios, Hayhoe Studios is able to help our creators achieve and accomplish what they formerly thought was impossible.

The management and production team at Hayhoe Studios have been working in the YouTube industry for as long as it’s been around. Our goal is to help our creators in as many ways possible in order to grow all facets of their business.

If you would like to pre-register for the platform, you can do so now below:

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