Actor Resume Tips and Guide

There are several critical things every actor needs to start submitting to casting calls. Your professional (and properly formatted) acting resume is one of them.

Format – 
Here is a great article from that does a great job going into detail about the proper format and order for credits in your resume. 

Sample Actor Resume – 
Here is a sample resume to get you started

What if I’m just starting out?
GREAT question! Check out this article from our friends at that addresses this very situation.

Uploading Your Resume to a Casting Calls America Site
Your resume should be uploaded as a PDF. There are free converter programs online
including by Google (via Google Drive) or to turn
your resume into a PDF. Other formats (such as .doc) may not display as well,
especially on mobile devices.
If you need to update your resume, simply upload the new one and the old one will be replaced.

Insiders Tip – 
Like a traditional employment resume, you should keep your resume to one page. It
should display your name, union status (unless you have none), your contact
information (or your agents) then your film (or theater), television and other notable
experience, depending on your focus. If on-camera is your focus, start with your film
experience and leave stage as “Available upon request.” If on-stage is your focus, start
with that and leave on-camera as “Available upon request.” It is advised you NOT
include your personal address.

Be fluid with your resume. Update it frequently with the most current productions, and keep it to the better-known ones if you have multiple entries. A good tip is to keep your most current two on top and your biggest two need to be in the mix too.

Do I Really Need a Resume?
The short answer? Only if you want to be viewed as a “real” actor.

Alos, check out this article from actor David Stevens on the necessity of a resume.

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